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The Georgiou Family
Tesla & Wags (Oct. 2021)
"Happy 2022. He’s doing great. Handled the fireworks last night like a champ. Learning to sit very well and now rings the bell when he wants to go outside - accident free! He’s also gone in his crate to nap on his own a couple times. We’ll get him in the car some more and work on a bit of leash today. Scheduled for our vet visit/shot #2 on Monday"


The Mischler Family
Sunshine & Snoopy (May 2021)

"Rugby is doing great. He is 59 lbs already and has the best personality. We all love him so much."


The Angel Family (April 2021)
"Good morning from this 55lb love bug!  He loves going in the shower after I get out.  Tucker is doing amazing. We have an amazing pup from Sierra View. Fantastic breeder who does it RIGHT! Highly recommend getting your new family member through them. ❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️."


The Holland Family
Porsche & Wags (May 2020)
Olive is the easiest dog I've ever had...
Mastering Skills:
Here (A specific place)
Go to bed

Emergency Skills:
Leave it
Get it
Bring it here
Leash Training

Potty training

Olive is sweet and smart. Olive uses her paw a lot which is good for figuring out how to get things in tricky places that I cant reach, which is basically everywhere.

Olive is following me from place to place, even within a room. If we have been separated by a session or I have been pulled away setting an argument with a kid, when she sees me again, Olive always lights up and makes some kind of physical contact with her nose.

Because Olive has such a willingness to please, Olive is often trying to figure out what I want. If she cant, it's because I haven't been clear, or set her up for success. I then rethink it, and try to figure it our how to best help her learn. Usually, it's just because i'm in her way, literally. 

Just knowing that she wants to be helpful is more enough.


The Shipley Family
Porsche & Wags (May 2020)
"Gus has been so sweet and fun to have around.  His first vet visit went very well.  He is a healthy 16 lbs, which is big for his age, so we think he’ll be like Wags in size.  The vet said he was very cooperative - even in a new place with new people (due to Covid I couldn’t go in with him).  He is very playful and also very affectionate.  He just curls up on my feet while I’m working at my desk.  It was enormously helpful that he had been introduced to the crate before we brought him home.  He has transitioned to life with us very easily. We couldn’t be happier!"


The Gerber Family
Porsche & Wags (May 2020)

"Teddy is doing amazing and the best dog we could ask for! He’s made a lot new friends, loves to swim and is the sweetest!."


The Hawker Family

Star & Wags (May 2020)

"Harley is doing very well. He does very well at the vet and in the car. He actually is having his first outing not in the neighborhood today, we went to a state park and went for a little walk and he did so well! He is loving meeting other dogs and I’ve been slowly taking him for more outings with the vet’s approval and his vaccine schedule. When he was weighed on Tuesday he was 27lbs!


The Key Family

Misty & Wags (Jan. 2020)

"Murphy’s getting so big! Since we’re on shelter in place all of the dog schools are closed so I’ve been working with him. He’s mastered sit and stay and is working on down.  He’s very smart ❤️and sweet."


The Lear Family

Misty & Wags (Jan. 2020)

"What a wonderful puppy you’ve bred. Dandelion is amazing smart and in great health. She loves the special needs kids and is showing how sweet her disposition is. She steals everyone’s heart as soon as they meet her❤️."


The Williams Family
Star & Wags (Sept. 2019)

"Rocky is doing very well :). I think he’s absolutely gorgeous and he’s a real sweetheart. I just weighed him and he’s 75.5 lbs.  took him to the truckee River today for the first time. He loved it! I hope you guys are all doing ok. What a crazy year it’s been!"


The Spears Family
Star & Wags (Sept. 2019)
"I love Chlöe so much! I’m so very grateful for you all for allowing me to have her in my life."

Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 9.16.51 AM.png

The Neu Family

Misty & Wags (May 2019)

"Bella is growing into a beautiful young lady. And she and the cats are living in peace together"


The Oh Family (2018)

"Casper is doing super! Such a sweet boy and wants to please. He freely enters his kennel, knows which toys are his or not and learning to stay in the kitchen and dining room only without needing gates for now."

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